Artist Statement


My drawings/ prints begin with an organic sense of play as I explore a sensual process of doodling, smudging and mark making. These marks record my hands’ touch and gestural movements on the paper.


As my mark making develops into merging ovals, lines and ellipses, a two dimensional world evolves that explores a dynamic relationship between newly discovered forms and lines. Out of this controlled chaos, I begin to consider the formal aspects of each drawing. I make analytical and esthetic decisions that reexamine the weight, balance, and mass of each composition, which then leads me to compose a structure where one’s eye can rest and experience harmony. I transfer my images onto a solar print plate.


I then begin layering color and experiment with stenciling and masking areas of each print. Metaphorically, my prints symbolize the chaos of our everyday existence as human beings complete with life’s roller coaster of unplanned and uncontrolled events and encompass a journey  which creates harmony and balance in our lives.